Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Defensive line positions consist of defensive ends, defensive tackles, and nose tackles. Defensive ends are two players that line up at both ends of the defensive line. Their job is to rush the passer and to stop running plays coming to the outside. Defensive tackles are the two players that line up inside next to the defensive ends. Their job is to rush the passer and to stop any running plays that come up the middle. Nose tackle is a player that lines up nose to nose with the center. His job is similar to the defensive tackle, create a pass rush and stop any thing from coming up the middle. How these defensive players line up depends on what defensive formation they are in. Teams usually run a basic defense consisting of four down linemen, two defensive ends and two defensive tackles. Two other popular formations are when a team uses three man and five man defensive lines. In a three line formation there is two defensive ends and one nose tackle. In a five man line formation (usually used on goal defense) there are two ends two tackles and a nose tackle. To be a good defensive lineman there are certain traits he must have, they are size, strength, quickness, durability, and mental toughness. Defensive linemen must have size and strength to defeat the offensive lineman in front of him. He must have speed and quickness to rush the quarterback. He must also be durable and posses’ mental toughness in order to take a pounding play after play.


1. Must have the size, most defensive linemen in the NFL are at least 270 pounds. on a football team the defensive tackles and nose guards are usually the biggest and strongest players on the defensive unit. The defensive ends are usually the next biggest players on the defense.
2. Must have Explosiveness, defensive linemen have to be able to come out of their stance with plenty of speed and power.
3. Must be mentally tough and durable, defensive lineman will make contact with offensive players on almost every play.