Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Place kickers are members of the offensive unite on a football team. These players are usually some of the smallest individuals on the team. Their job is to kick field goals, extra points, and kickoffs for the team. The place kicker needs to have a strong and accurate leg to be successful. He needs the leg strength to make deep kickoffs and to make long field goals. He needs accuracy when kicking field goals, a place kicker must be able to make most of his field goal attempts. He also must have mental toughness, to be a great kicker you need to be able to thrive on pressure. Often the outcome of a game will depend on a kicker making a field goal. The difference between two good teams often comes down to who has the better kicker.


1. Must be accurate, Field goal percentage should be 80% that’s connecting on 16 out of 20.
2. Must have a strong enough leg to kick field goals, high school should at least be able to make 35 yards, college 40, and pro 45 and more.
3. Must be able to perform under pressure, the outcome of the game often comes down to the kicker.
4. Must be Mentally tough,

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