Sunday, September 26, 2010


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Linebackers are defensive players that lines up behind the defensive lineman, and in front of the defensive backfield. Linebackers are usually positioned 3 to 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage, and are standing upright in a two point stance. Teams usually play two types of variations for their linebackers; they either play two outside linebackers with one in the middle, or two outside linebackers with two in the middle. The outside linebacker’s job is to stop any running plays coming to the outside, and to cover any receiver in his area. The middle linebacker’s job is to stop running plays coming up the middle, and to cover any receiver in his area. The linebackers on a defensive unit are the second line of defense.


1. Must have size and strength to play linebacker.
2. Must be able to cover tight ends and running backs.
3. Must Must Must Must be a good tackler; a good linebacker should be able to tackle the intended target with ferocity.
4. Must play with relentless pursuit, linebackers must play with great effort and intensity while pursuing the offensive player with the football.
5. Must be mentally and physically tough, a good linebacker will be involved in most of the tackles on defense. He needs to be mentally and physically prepared to take a pounding game after game.
6. Must have intelligence, a good linebacker should know all the defensive plays, and what everyone on defense is suppose to do.

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