Monday, August 25, 2008


Running backs usually lines up behind the quarterback in an offensive formation, they specialize in rushing the football to gain yards. They can also catch passes from the quarterback, and on rare occasions can receive the snap from the center or even pass the football. When a team has an offensive formation that has two backs in the backfield, the lead back is called the fullback the other is called the tailback. The fullback usually blocks for the tailback helping him to gain yardage, but the fullback is also eligible to run or catch the football. Running backs must be in great mental and physical condition. A running back should know what he is supposed to do on every play. He also has to be able to carry the football between 20 to 30 times a game, catch passes out of the backfield, and block defensive players.


1. Must be able to run the football, catch passes and block defenders. Coaches love running backs that can due all three.

2. Running backs must have mental and physical toughness; they need these two things to deal with the punishment they must endure.

3. Running backs must know the playbook; he has to know where to line up in the backfield and what to do on each play. The Running back is a key element on offense.

4. Must be able to run the ball hard for the duration of the game. great running backs get stronger running with the football in the fourth quarter.


1. Who is the best running back of all time in the NFL.

2. Who is the best running back in the NFL for 2008.

3. Which team will win the Super Bowl for 2008.

4. Who will win Rookie of the year in the NFL for 2008.


1. Joe Montana

2. Tony Romo

3. Tim Tebow

4. Bret Favre

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Keetha said...

I LOVE a good running back.

Darren McFadden - - - he could do it ALL at Arkansas. He was a one man wonder!!!! I hope he continues to have great success in the NFL.

When he's healthy, PJ Hill of the WI Badgers isn' too shabby either.

Having a great offensive line helps any back put up better numbers.

Keetha said...

OK now - - - shouldn't you ADMIT that your answer to some of these questions is purely your opinion? I mean, the NUMBERS aren't even in yet for this season, and while I tend to agree with your "picks" they are just that - - - picks!!!

Before the season started, I would have agreed with you that Bret-a-Jet would put up more passing yards than Aaron - - - - but now, several games in - - - I'm not so sure. I'll say this for Aaron, so far he's stood up brilliantly to all the pressure Ted Thompson put him in the middle of.