Thursday, October 30, 2008


1. Must have speed, a good defensive back must be able to stay with his man.
2. Must be able to change directions, a defensive back needs to be able to move forward, backwards, and laterally with minimal lost of speed.
3. Must have good hand, a good defensive back should be able to catch the football. He needs good hands if he wants to make plays.
4. He must understand all the coverage’s he will be in.
5. Must have a desire to compete, a good defensive back hopes all passes will be thrown his way.


1. Who is the best cornerback of all times in the NFL?
2. Who is the best safety of all times in the NFL?
3. Who is the best cornerback in the NFL for 2008?
4. Who is the best safety in the NFL for 2008?
5. Who is the best defensive back in college football for 2008?


1. Lawrence Taylor New York Giants 1981 – 1993
2. Dick Butkus Chicago Bears 1965 – 1973
3. Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens
4. Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens
5. James Laurinatis Ohio State

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Anonymous said...

i used to want to be a corner sooooo bad.. unfortunately, i stopped following football due to more pertinent life issues.. don't wanna pick up in the middle of the season.. so i'm gonna wait til next season to get CAUGHT UP.. i will say that my fave team in Kansas City {SHUT UP! STOP HATING} :P

Uncharted Success said...

Wow, cool blog! I found out a lot about football. I used to play it when I was younger but then I found other things to get obsessed with. xD

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Anna M-W said...

Hi football man!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't post much during football season, though. I am obsessed with fantasy football!

Have a great day!


jpovis said...

Cornerback: Mel Renfro
Safety; Ronnie Lott
Cornerback 2008: Antoine Winfield
Safety 2008: Troy Polamalu
College: I have no knowledge regarding the college game.