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1. Head Referee - He is responsible for making final decisions, and has final authority on all rulings.
2. Umpire - This offcial stands behind the linebackers and looks for illegal blocks or holding by the offensive lineman.
3. Head Linesman - This offcial stands at one end of the line of scrimmage, he looks for lineman jumping off side.
4. Line Judge - The line judge assistes the Head linesman, he is on the opposite end of the line, across from the head linesman. His responsibility is to look for off sides and any penaltys before the snap.
5. Field Judge - He lines up behind the secondary players, he works on the same sideline as the line judge. He is responsible for making decisions near his side of the field. He rules on pass interference, incomplete passes and illegal blocks.
6. Side Judge - He lines up behind the secondary, and he works the same side line as the heads linesman. Just like the field judge he is responsible for pass interference, illegal blocks, and incomplete passes near his side of the field.
7. Back Judge - He stands deep behind the secondary, he also can rule on illegal blocks, pass interference and incomplete passes. The back judge also has the final decisions on field goals.


1. Should the NFL stop using instant replay?
2. Do you think NFL and college referees gamble on their games?
3. Has any referee ever got inducted to the NFL or college hall of fame?
4. Do you think there will ever be a female referee in the NFL?


1. Paul Bear Bryant, 1945 Maryland, 1946 - 1953 Kentucky, 1954 - 1957 Texas A&M, 1958 - 1982 Alabama.
2. Vince Lombardi, 1959 - 1967 Greenbay Packers, 1969 Washington Redskins.
3. Urban Meyer, University of Florida.
4. Tony Sparano, Miami Dolphins.

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