Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League. The game is between the champions of the American Football Conference(AFC) and the National Football Conference(NFC). The Super Bowl is one of the most popular and anticipated sporting events in the United States. The game attracts football fans all over the country and is televised all over the world.


1. XLII: New York Giants upsetting the previous unbeaten New England Patriots 17 -14.
2. XLI: First Two African American head coaches in a super bowl, Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith. Indianapolis Colts defeated the Chicago Bears 29 - 17 making Tony Dungy the first African American head coach to win a super bowl.
3. XXXII: Denver Broncos upsetting the Greenbay Packers 31 - 24 giving John Elway his first super bowl.
4.XXII: Doug Williams becomes first African American Quarterback to win super bowl by leading the Washington Redskins to victory over the Denver Broncos 42 - 10.
5.XII: This super bowl had Two MVP winners in the Dallas Cowboys 27 - 10 victory over the Denver Broncos. The two were defensive tackle Randy White and defensive end Harvey Martin of the Dallas Cowboys.
6.VII: Miami Dolphins completed their undefeated season by beating the Washington Redskins 14 - 7. The Dolphins went 17 - 0 and is still the only team to do this in NFL history.
7.III: New york Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts 16 - 7 giving credibility to the AFL. This is als the game that Joe Namath guaranteed victory.
8. I: First world championship game between the AFL and the NFL, Greenbay defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35 - 10.


1. How many super bowls has the Pittsburg steelers lost in their history?
2. Which NFL head coach has won the most super bowls?
3. Who won the NFL championship the year before super bowl I?
4. Do the super bowl loser get championship rings for winning their conference?


1. 25% said they should stop.
2. 80 percent who answered, said they believed only a few of them whould chance it.
3. None inducted as a referee.
4. 90% said they believe it will happen.


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kim isabelle said...

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jpovis said...

1. Steelers are currently 5-1 in the Super Bowl
2. Chuck Knoll with 4
3. Green Bay Packers
4. Yes, they receive a Conference Championship Ring.

Andy said...

The Packers-Broncos SB was my favorite as far as being entertaining. I had no rooting interest in either team, but it was just a great, exciting game.

As for your questions, without looking anything up, I'd say:
1. None?
2. Chuck Noll
3. Browns?
4. Yes