Sunday, March 8, 2009



1. Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers starting Quarterback in their only Super Bowl lost?
2. Who was the Green Bay Packers starting Quarterback in their only Super Bowl lost?
3. Which team will be the first to lose 5 Super Bowls?
4. Which team will lose the Super Bowl next year?


Buffalo Bills 4
Minnesota Vikings 4
Denver Broncos 4
Dallas Cowboys 3
Miami Dolphins 3
New England Patriots 3
Philadelphia Eagels 2
Washington Redskins 2
Oakland Raiders 2
Kansas City Chiefs 1
Baltimore Colts 1
Los Angles Rams 1
St Louis Rams 1
SanDiego Chargers 1
Pittsburgh Steelers 1
Greenbay Packers 1
Atlanta Falcons 1
Tennessee Titans 1
New York Giants 1
Carolina Panthers 1
Seattle Seahawks 1
Chicago Bears 1
Arizona Cardinals 1


1. Bud Grant of the Minnesota Vikings and Marve Levy of the Buffalo Bills both lost 4 Super Bowls.
2. The stadium to host the most Super Bowls is the Louisiana Superdome, it hosted 6 Super Bowl games.
3. The Super Bowl winners received 73,000 per man.
4. Eight defensive players have won Super Bowl MVP's. The players are Chuck Howley from the Cowboys Super Bowl V, Jack Scott from the Dolphins Super Bowl VII, Harvey Martin from Cowboys Super Bowl XII, Randy White from the Cowboys Super Bowl XII, Richard Dent from the Bears Super Bowl XX, Larry Brown from the Cowboys Super Bowl XXX, Ray Lewis from the Ravens Super Bowl XXXV, and Dexter Jackson from the Buccaneers Super Bowl XXXVIII.

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