Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The offensive line is players that line up on the line of scrimmage, whose primary job is to block the defensive players. The offensive line consists of a center, two guards, and two offensive tackles. The center lines up in the middle of the line; he is the one who snaps the ball to the quarterback. The two guards line up directly on both sides of the center and inside the tackles. The offensive tackles play on the outside of both guards. The offensive line usually consists of some of the biggest and strongest guys on the team. For example the average size for an offensive lineman in the NFL is around 6 feet 4 inches tall and 300 pounds. These guys use their size and strength to protect the quarterback, and to open up holes for the running back. The offensive line is one of the most important parts of a football team. You could have the best quarterback and running back in the world, but without a good offensive line they would not be successful. Even though the offensive line is one of the most important parts of a football team, they usually go unnoticed. In fact the only few times they are noticed, is when an official calls a penalty on one of them.


1. Must have the size and strength to play on the offensive line.
2. Must have quickness, offensive linemen are not the fastest guys on the team, but they must have quick movement for the first 5 to 10 yards.
3. Must know how to play all of the offensive line positions. A good offensive lineman should be able to fill in at tackle, guard, or center.
4. Must have intelligence, a good offensive lineman should know what he and the other linemen are supposed to do. He should also be able to anticipate what the defense is going to do before the play begins.
5. Must be aware on the playing field, besides the quarterback the offensive line needs to be the most aware player on the field. They must know overall game plan, game situation, and know how to recognize multiple defenses.
6. Must have determination and mental toughness, a good offensive lineman must be able to take a pounding series after series. He must give a maximum effort play after play, because he knows it will pay off late in the game.

1. Who is the best center of all time in the NFL?
2. Who is the best guard of all time in the NFL?
3. Who is the best offensive tackle of all time in the NFL?
4. Which is the toughest conference in NCAA Div 1A football for 2008?
5. Who is the player playing center in the black and white picture above?

1. Tony Gonzalez
2. Antonio Gates
3. 11 games
4. 80% said yes

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Keetha said...

What, no words today?

Ms. H said...

5. Who is the player playing center in the black and white picture above?
I am going to guess Jim Ringo.

Yara said...

Well, I'm going to be a bit contentious here and ask you a question about the NE Patriots, I can only imagine you are either a Jets, Giants or Bills fan. So, now that we've lost Brady for the season, how do you think Matt Cassel will perform. I think he is an ok, quarterback, that can be coach well, but he doesn't have the skill or the instincts yet to be good.

Keetha said...

Ah Ha - - - the words came later.

Answers to questions:

1) Jeff Saturday, of course.

4) Even being part of the Big Ten I'd STILL say it's the SEC

DID YOU SEE the USC/Oregon Ducks game last night!!!!! Oh My Goodness.

Kept this old teacher up WAY past her bedtime. Way past!!!

That is what is so GREAT about NCAA football. Little unranked teams coming up to CRUSH the big boys.

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Thanks for the comment :) I'd love to hear what you have to think about what i think ;) -Samantha

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Thanks for coming to my site today,I was wondering if you saw the one I wrote about my son the football player?

Countrygirl said...

Great site! Thanks for the comments at mine. I, too, love football. (This is the first year in 17 that I don't have a child playing. That's a little sad.)

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thanks for reading my blog! i am a football fan so i'll stay tuned to yours as well.

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